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Howard Hull

Howard Hull Paintings: 1989 – 2019
July 19 – August 17, 2019

When I am making a painting, I am always concerned with the physicality of the work. The painting as an object is of equal importance to me as the making of a visual statement is. I am very involved with the texture and the viscosity of the paint. I do not seek to make an imitation of anything. The form that brings a tree to mind will always be a tree to the viewer of the work, but to the painter, it is much more.

Generally, my paintings are the result of reacting to the first few strokes of color that I place on the canvas. While I sometimes start with a vague idea, I don’t actually know where I am going, and whether I will eventually get there or not. Often, I don’t get there. Then, I just begin again. That is the nature of creativity.

In 1965, Hull began teaching at the UT Knoxville College of Education. During his tenure at UT, Hull’s painting, collages, and sculpture were frequently seen in various competitive Mid-South and one-person invitationals. Hull’s articles have routinely filled the pages of Arts and Activities, Tennessee Education, and School Arts, and his in-depth history of Tennessee WPA post office murals was published in 1996. Before his 1999 retirement, Hull coordinated numerous art educational workshops, curricular projects and extension courses on behalf of his department. Since leaving UT, he continues to be a productive painter and writer.